Bask New York x Art Start

 Model in BaskxQueens shirt

Model in BaskxQueens shirt

As part of Bask New York’s #BaskInEveryBorough initiative, we’ve partnered with an NYC org that has been in every borough for over 25 years. Art Start was created by artists to give an outlet, nurture, and guidance to homeless children in the city. Now, the organization has transformed into “a student-centered approach to arts education” for homeless and justice-involved youth throughout the boroughs.

As society advances, it’s important to change the methods of interaction and development within our communities—especially if these communities have been systematically pushed into less fortunate circumstances. By teaming up with Art Start, Bask’s objective is to build engagement and awareness with both their mission and our communities.

But we’ll be doing a bit more than just promoting awareness. Bask will be financially engaging with Art Start. One method will be through ticket sales. A portion of tickets sales will go to Art Start. Another way we’ll be contributing is through t-shirt sales. We will be selling BaskxQueens tees online at the venue for $25. 20% of those proceeds from each shirt will be donated to Art Start as well.

So join us and party with a cause. Be “Oochie Wallie” and “One Mic.” Bask.


Murses in Hip-Hop & Fashion

Since the late '90s and early '00s, I have seen fashion come a long way, from over-sized NBA jerseys and baggy jean shorts to skinny jeans and crop tops.

Growing up in Harlem, there was a unique dress code that everyone seemed to follow, ranging from the trendy school kids to the guys standing in front of the corner store. Since the early 2000s, the society and its trends have changed -- some would say for the better, others would say for worst.

In 2017, fashion is simply ground-breaking because there aren't any restraints on what someone can and cannot wear. Over time, society has become more accepting to people breaking gender norms. For instance, men sporting tote bags has become one recent fashion trend that broke traditional gender norms.

In the fashion world, it is known that accessories are vital to completing outfits, and tote bags have become that popular accessory to rock across all genders. One of the first male celebrities to sport the tote bag a couple years back  was A$AP Rocky. Since then, the trend has become a fashion necessity.

Even within our hip-hop culture, the accessory can be seen worn on today's biggest artists. The trend has been followed by some celebrities who embrace the "thug" and "trap" persona.

The Migos crew known for embodying the “trap” persona. Migos is not afraid to stray away from the foundation they built and have been spotted sporting the trend on different occasions.

But out of all the celebrities who have rocked the hot accessory such as Ian Connor, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti and many more, A$AP Rocky has rocked the accessory most appropriately.

Despite who rocked the accessory first or wore it best, this is a major milestone for the culture as well as society because it shows we are making progress in regards to how we view things - our perspective is shifting. As time goes on, society is becoming less gender bias and open-minded to fashion fluidity which is allowing more people to feel comfortable and confident in being creatively unique. Think back to as early as 2007 -- This trend wouldn't have been as favorable to the masses like how it is now because society is making conscious efforts to accept everyone for who they want to be.

This particular trend is so evolutionary because a environment that allows people to be free and happy is a society that is bound to flourish. A utopia is possible just depends on the mind’s of the people living in it.

As fashion constantly evolves in today's society, more scenarios like this are bound to occur. Our job is to not judge and let people be free.

Black Dollar = Black Power


Why The Black Dollar Will Get us more than Protest will.

by @Doogiedoesit

As everyone raves about Nike signing Colin Kaepernick — I mean finally kneeling with and utilizing Kaepernick — I see a bigger, more important lesson, a more important victory. The black dollar is becoming more relevant and is being acknowledged more than ever before.  

I do not want to undermine the hard work and sacrifice that led up to him receiving this huge deal, but it’s important to notice. Similar to politicians, there is money to be made and lost in weaponing/ glorifying social consciousness, specifically in regards to the black population of America.

For a few decades, we have acknowledged and praised ourselves as the muthafucking trendsetters and overall leaders of pop culture from food, music, fashion, dance and more. It may be bold to say, but there is not one group of people more under-appreciated yet mimicked than us. Our style is influenced, repackaged and sold back to us. Shit is crazy!!

I say all of this to urge y’all to spend ya money wisely. FACTS. Simply because that shit, unfortunately, is the only thing that touches the soul of this country along with the people that run it. Walking around protesting doesn’t do much, but get a little media coverage and clog traffic, that shit has its limitations. Spending ya money on black-owned only or cancelling brands that do not align with our best interests is indeed a form of peaceful protesting as well. 

We need to draw the line. They can either get like NIKE or get that H&M treatment.

Notice even the infamous NFL has been hugely effected with lost of viewership & sponsorship dollars, in large part to the fact that, we are not with the shits anymore. NFL about to stand for Not Fucking Lit. 

Snapchat is barely holding on after Rihanna offed them. Uber had to lower their prices again, and we event got American Airlines out of here!  There are plenty more examples of companies losing the black dollar. Protests are cool, but why not starve them? Companies only see green, and the strongest green is that paired with black.

Reward the brands that do right by us and are for us. Go cop them NIKE shocks no one wants, fuck it, they with us. Just do it. I’m about to get me NIKE socks.

Now, you don’t need to be Kaepernick or LeBron James to have sway with your black dollars. If you got a voice, you can affect shit. Think of all the energy we use on Twitter to cancel companies. Now think about what would happen if we replace them to support and promote black-owned or socially conscious companies. We have the power. Our money matters just as much as we do. 

Get Out Your Way

Get out your way.gif

The “follow your dreams” motto is so cliche, but how do you actually do it? Do you feel socially awkward? Do you have a fear of rejection and doubt yourself? Why? What’s are the best ways to fight through attack your fears.

When attending social events, I can be the first to admit, I’ve been told that I can seem unapproachable or even awkward in person. I really have no small talk to offer, especially if I don’t already have an existing relationship with you outside of business chatting. This is something I work on consistently. I want to share some tips that I’ve been actively practicing to help myself get out my own way.

  1. When looking to spark a conversation with someone you want to meet, do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Sometimes I wait for people to approach me or a mutual friend to make that connection. While that is all smooth and works, what about the times when that opportunity doesn’t present itself? Go forward with a easy goal which should be getting to know the person and exchanging contacts. You could get detailed if you truly want to, but you gotta be natural. If you’re not a witty person, simply give a compliment. Find something you can mention that will help you ease your foot in that door.  At end of the day, have fun. Don’t get too worked up with how you start the conversation, it’s how you finish.

  2. Know what you want and believe you can achieve it. Before you can be successful in any aspect, you need to know what you’re doing and why — you need to be goal-oriented or at least have an idea of a direction you’d like to take. Do something everyday that chips away at that goal you’ve set. More importantly believe in that goal!  People can hear the frailness and doubt in ya voice. Think of ya dream as a huge piece of clay that you need to shape and carve into a statue that you will be in awe of. That needs to be the visual for you.

  3. Don’t worry about being awkward. Everyone is awkward. Fuck what they think. That might sound aggressive, but trying to fit into norms are severely damaging, especially in this day and age. The battle is all in your head. Get out that shit. Make the internal visual become your outside reality. At end of the day, you will never lose at being yourself.

  4. Know that the word “No” is progressive. Yes, a ‘No’ can lead to great things for you. Never let a ‘no’ stop you from asking for something you want. Always be upfront (respectfully), but don’t tell yourself no before you’re told no. Earn that “no”.

  5. Do not watch social media. This is huge! Sometimes I get caught up with the bull. Watching someone else’s “success” can sometimes cause you to self reflect or re-imagine your path. This isn’t good at all.

Remember social media is staged. People get to CHOOSE what they show and make their own truths. Even so, their pace is not your own, I’ve been a victim before. Believing everything I seen online, and I had to remind myself I’m in my own race. I’m doing my own thing. Remember to take ya social media in doses, it’s okay to look, but do not internalize. I’ma tell you right now, half the people on social media ain’t even the same in real life.

How To Make Real Friends: Quality > Quantity

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.19.07 AM.png


There is nothing wrong with accepting new friends. Sometimes you NEED new friends, but you’re so comfortable in the history you’ve built with these close friends that you fail to realize how much you’ve outgrown them. They can be grade school friends, family friends, old neighbor friends, friends turned exes, college friends, ex-coworkers, and the list can go on.

We tend to latch onto the things that make us feel easy, things that remind us of home or even who we use to be. Certain people are in our lives as convenient reminders of lifestyles that we use to live and people we once were. But as we grow older, we search more for our purpose, our interests become refined, and we internally grow (well, that’s what we should be doing). So like a snake, you should be shedding your skin seasonally. That saying, “Some people come into your life for a season,” is so much truer than you’d like to believe.

Take inventory of your friends every season because every second you grow, especially as an adult when life comes at you full force. We are no longer at that age where we stop talking to someone because of frivolous things like ‘you never gave me back my video game.’ We’re now at an age where you should be keeping mental note of who has and who hasn’t been there for you during strenuous times like when you lost your job, when you lost a loved one, when your financial situation wasn’t at its best, when you were depressed, when you needed support for your business/hustle, etc. My point is - whoever isn’t there for you during a time that was difficult yet important to you then it’s time for you to search for new friends.

Let me remind you: IT’S NEVER TOO LATE and YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD.

Step 1: Evaluate your current set of friends. As fucked up as that sounds, it’s true. Decide if a person has always had your best interest at heart and has helped you progress (going to the gym, trying new things with you, checking on your well being, etc.). Or if this person has only taken from you never giving you anything and constantly draining your energy when your around them. Think about the conversations you have with these people. Are they ever of substance? Do they provoke growth? Are they challenging you to do better and be better? DO INVENTORY. It’s tough, but you have to clean out the baggage to make room for all the future blessings that come with personal progress.

Step 2: Step outside your comfort zone. If you say you like to dance, but you’ve never danced or haven’t in a while, book a class for yourself. New, good, and true friends will come your way when you put yourself in spaces that you genuinely want to be in - places that fill that new self void you get when you finding purpose. Go to art galleries, take business classes, attend vocal classes, etc. Basically, put yourself in places where you want to be and you’ll attract the people who align with the new you.

Fact: There is such thing as a platonic relationship. They do exist people. Communication and Respect are key. As both a man and a woman, you should know your place as a FRIEND. Remove gender from the equation. It’s really beneficial to have a friend of the opposite sex: It gives you perspective.

Being a good friend takes al ot of dedication and maintenance. But obviously, it all pays off.

To be a good friend you should have the basics: Empathic, Selfless, Team Player, Trustworthy, Positive, Forgiving. With that comes maintaining the friendship. Make the effort to reach out. That’s super important to let your friends know you’re thinking about them. Set aside time to call them or hang out (whether that’s once a week or once a year). Reconnecting is refreshing and improves your overall outlook on life. When your together, treat it like a date. PUT YOUR PHONES AWAY. BASK in the moment with your peoples. Get lost in the moment with each other. The outside world can be so distracting. And you all came together to get away from it. Just BASK.

All I’m saying is don’t be afraid to let shit go. If you’re looking to have genuine friends who are gonna ride with you always, then you’re gonna have to put in some work. It’ll be challenging, but definitely exhilarating. Believe it or not, you learn alot about yourself when you’re on a mission to meet the people you want to meet. You’d be surprised. I’m telling you from personal experience. But like I said, you’ll have quality friends who grow with you and always ridin by your side. Go listen to Bey’s song “Friends” - that’s that shit we all need to be. And I’ma drop the mic here. Good luck on your journey.

The Internet is Ruined


Is The Internet Ruined ?


I can remember a time when it was a ritual within itself to access the internet. When dial up connection was the key to freedom and you knew the sound of freedom as it screeched along through the process, the internet was still very fresh in the minds of many. We went from seeing the basic purposes and limitations of the internet to this omnipresent entity so powerful nations can fall by night for what lies deep in the crevices of the all knowing internet. We have seen countless leaks of information and misuse of the edges it reaches, in regards to privacy and the consumer. You can learn who someone is, will be, and once was with the right amount of redirection and clicking of sites. What started as a means of connection and accessibility to information, people, and overall resources, has evolved into a social deity, on top of an enabler for the vices and virtues of the masses.


Growing up in the 90’s, while still being a toddler, the fears of internet dominance and getting lost in the electric sauce were major concerns. These concerns still managed to echo into modern day still raise questions in my mind of how far off from this we are. I wonder if we have fallen to all the fears but in different capacities. I can’t avoid the Internet. I too rely on some of the convenience it offers, but that doesn’t mean I ignore the annoyance it creates. From a Twitter fueled president trying to be cool to the excessive self helping meme guides, the internet has become a circus. More than keeping up to date on what is popular and ever-changing in this world, there is a sense of social unconsciousness brewing. The endless advertisements and suggestions, like TV commercials off the home shopping network, try to sell me something related to a google search from less than 20 mins ago make me wonder if I’m the only one noticing these changes. Being the Sun and the shadow it casts is the current role the internet has taken on in its growth, because of its omnipresence.



Speaking of shadows, do people still acknowledge the “Dark Web”? A place that people go to for everything illegal while still doing the daily routine of surfing the web, I can learn to bake cookies and order knock off Goyard bags from the same source. Like a subpar Spider-Man that can’t make it outside (too soon?), I learned of the internet’s multiple heroes as hackers and vigilantes exposed atrocities. There are many instances of the internet used as a platform for directing focus into and highlighting the intimate details of someone’s life, social issues and just raising good questions. Ever wonder the number of your favorite celebrity, The process of leaking information no one outside of the individual in question should have access to should raise questions.


The internet sounds pretty raw, at this point. I could’ve easily mentioned the virtues of building families, businesses and opportunities for those that may not have the accessibility, but that’s the easy praise for an entity that is responsible for running 90% of the processes our parents would do for themselves (including dating). I see career advice, love advice, and financial security quotes all over. It isn’t hard to say the internet has been tainted as day in day out, there are more of us added to its endless banks of information. I don’t feel entitled or privileged to know how to use the internet, because I can’t seem to understand how we let MySpace die (and that was rooting in coding).

We went from building sites to struggling with the newest algorithms of Instagram, and don’t get me started on these shop at every second features. I feel a sigh of relief being let out each day a pop-up is blocked. I feel like we are slowly being pulled into an involuntary codependence that we will not benefit from. I don’t have to go outside, so long as I have internet connection, I can love my bed and my momma, (and anything else the internet is aware of) while having everything else delivered. If only we took more time to discuss the internet instead of using it, we would know how to handle it. The problem is the internet made it acceptable to avoid each other hiding behind facades and opinions. We saved the internet with waves of innovative ideas throwing ourselves years into the future, but we let the internet ruin us because it grew from a secondary resource to what seems like the only source. I’d never believe in such a short time, the internet could go from savior to electronic satan selling a prominent future we all will get swept up in.

Vinston N. Jean-Simon


Down & Clout


What is Clout?

Everyone who is everyone or at least trying to be someone uses the term – Clout. It has become the official replacement of ‘swag.’ As lame as that actually sounds, it’s true. For the literal folks, I’ve provided a few definitions starting from Merriam-Webster and ending with Urban Dictionary.


\ ˈklau̇t \





1.       A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object:

When she didn’t return with his money, she would get a ruthless clout across her face from her pimp, Jerome. (Did I go too far? haha)

2.       Baseball. A long hit, especially an extra-base hit:

A hard clout to deep center field drove in the winning run for the Yankees.

3.       Archery. A shot that hits the mark, especially in long-distance shooting.

4.       Any worthless pieces of cloth; rag

5.       Informal. Pull; strong influence; muscle, especially political power:

A talented rapper with clout at Def Jam Records attended the sold out Brooklyn fundraiser.

6.       Someone with swag, dope as hell; being famous, mainly having influence; have power, fame, money, influence, style, respect, followers:

I’m going to link up with Max on Saturday because he has hella clout at this industry party.

Since we’re all on the same page, let me share 5 ways to obtain this so-called clout that everyone desperately wants.




1.   Be Yourself, Playa!

Luckily, we live in a generation where everyone is accepted – even if you’re Black, emo, and currently living in Wisconsin. There is a fan club for everyone! So no need to mold yourself to fit a persona you could never really live up to. Plus it feels amazing to know that you are liked by others for genuinely being YOU. Don’t go out of your way to impress people with shit you’d never do/wear/represent. Choose your online content wisely. You want to post things that are you while making sure it represents the BEST you.

2. Throw on a Smile and Be Friendly :)

Alot of people skip this step - so small yet so important. Be nice to the people who support, admire, love and inspire you. That means answer your damn DMs, respond to comments, show love at the parties, exchange info., and get connected. It’s so simple yet exhausting! I know there are days when you just want to throw yourself in the trash, but showing face at someone’s event, attending a networking event or even just meeting up with new people for a little while can drastically increase your clout. You never know who’s watching you.


3. The Focus: Find Your Niche

What do your interests lie? What compilations of things make-up your character? And do these things/people reflect my personality? These are things you need to be asking yourself before you post on social media, interact with certain crowds and/or take on gigs. Everything you do, post and sign up for is a reflection of who you are. Why do you think these dog, baby and barbie Instagram accounts have flourished and the people behind them are banking. It’s consistency people! It’s the key! Sell a piece of your soul and stick to it!

4. Be Apart Of The Conversation

This should be the easy as you all seem to have opinions. If you woke up that morning and the same news is flooding your timeline and texts, that means it’s important. What better way to get views and reach new people than to share your opinion on trending topics. I would warn you and say stay away from politics unless it’s FUCK TRUMP, but it’s all you! Just be sure to be ON POINT with the memes. Be apart of the internet’s fuckery.

5. Interact

Find out who’s who in your community, reach out and start talking. Just because you don’t have clout doesn’t mean you can’t make friends with the people who have it. Take and post pictures with them, attend events with them, meet their clouty friends -- just refrain from getting all starry-eyed. If you manage to leave a good impression, you’ll be in the IN CROWD sooner than expected.


The Who's Who of Streetwear Fashion


Supreme, Bape, and Off-White are some of the most popular streetwear brands on the market right now, but there are a few brands that fly a bit under the radar to the everyday hype beast. So take a break from those Supreme box logos, and Bape camo hoodies and take a look at a few brands who you may or may not have heard of or seen.


To start off the conversation we have Vetements a brand based out of Paris that is taking the fashion world by storm.  Before debuting the brand in 2014, Vetements lead designer, Gvsalia, got his experience in design from working as the Senior Designer for Louis Vuitton under fashion legend's that include names like Marc Jacobs. He also worked for Maison Martin Margiela ( You can see in many pieces that his design experience is very vast. For example, the latter part of 2016 saw the release of one of Vetements most popular garments: a track suit in collaboration with the classic brand Champion. The long track stripe running off of the end of the sleeve is such a unique detail, and no one has seen anything like this before. This suit has been seen on celebrities like Offset of the Migos, Teyana Taylor, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner. Now Vetements isn't geared towards the light pocketed individual. Prices on pieces from this brand range from $350 t-shirts, to $5,500 jackets; but prices aside, this brand is definitely killing the streetwear world.

 Offset in Vetements Tracksuit C/O Upscale Hype

Offset in Vetements Tracksuit C/O Upscale Hype

Public School

Public School is a New York based brand created by Dao-Yi Chow, and Maxwell Osborne. These two designers got their start working for Diddy at Sean Jean (Chow the brands VP of Marketing, and Osborne an intern turned designer) learning how to run a fashion company and design clothing that is ahead of its time; and Public School is just that, ahead of its time ( Elongated uppers, and tapered bottoms are amongst some of the most popular pieces the brand has to offer. Public School is one of the few brands to collaborate with the iconic Jordan Brand. The first sneaker we saw from this collab was the Air Jordan 12 which was redone in a very nice grey suede instead of the tumbled and smooth leathers that we’re all used to. Recently these two brands came together once again on another Air Jordan model, the Jordan XV (15). Public School continues to push the limits of what you can do in streetwear with both sneakers and fashion, and I'm excited to see where the brand goes from here.

 Public School NY x Jordan Brand C/O Sneakernews

Public School NY x Jordan Brand C/O Sneakernews

Human Made / CPFM

These two brands were arguably made popular by the fashion GAWD himself, Pharrell Williams. Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) is a brand designed by Cynthia Lu, a former complex intern who also worked alongside Skateboard P on his Billionaire Girls Club, and i am OTHER sub-brands. This brand is pretty simplistic, but it’s celebrity co-signs, and store collaborations have really brought it into the forefront of fashion nationwide. CPFM has collaborated with Dover Street Market’s New York location, and has been seen on celebrities like Kanye West, Travis Scott, Big Sean, and Tyler the Creator ( CPFM is sure to continue to grow in the coming seasons, so look out for their funky and stylish garments.

 Big Sean in a CPFM hat C/O Notey

Big Sean in a CPFM hat C/O Notey

Human Made, another brand co-signed by Pharrell, is designed by none other than fashion icon, Nigo. Any streetwear aficionado recognizes Nigo from his iconic brand Bape, but he’s taken fashion in a new direction with Human Race. Where Bape is very bold and full of different colors and prints, Human Made seems to be the exact opposite. It features a lot more toned down, simple, but classic looking pieces that include Varsity Cardigans, Coaches Jackets, and simple graphic tee’s. Nigo’s transition from Bape to Human Made seems to mimic his evolution in fashion. He’s gone from bright colors and bold camo designs to a very toned down, selvedge, “work wear” type of look that is definitely in right now.

 Pharrell Williams for Human Made C/O Hypebeast

Pharrell Williams for Human Made C/O Hypebeast

 These are just a few of the popular streetwear brands out right now. Like I said every streetwear “aficionado” (hype beast) wants to talk about Supreme, Bape and Stone Island, but I encourage you to explore the brands mentioned, and others. Some brands fly under people’s radar, like Noah NYC or Bianca Chandon, but others like Ralph Lauren and Guess are making a comeback this year with new capsule collections that get older fashion crowd hype. Streetwear is going in a great direction. A lot of brands seem to be taking over for the 9-9’s and the 2000’s with the different collections that have been dropping, but putting a very current 2017 twist on it. The culture when it comes to street fashion is booming. Who will be the next brand to reach the spotlight?

-Darrel Kidd (IG @theundere5timated)

 Chance the Rapper in '92 Ralph Lauren Stadium Collection C/O Flipboard

Chance the Rapper in '92 Ralph Lauren Stadium Collection C/O Flipboard

Litty Kitty's Guide To A Summer Lituation

Issa vibe all summer, but I want to make sure y'all are fully prepared for the planned and unplanned summer flexes. Here are a few must-haves, dos & don'ts, and everything else in between.

Attention all smokers! Make sure you have your ready to roll anytime anywhere smoker's kit.

  1. Pack light, so leave that bulky ass grinder on your dresser and cop you something portable.

  2. Don't assume anyone has roll-up or a lighter, just bring your own. And avoid BIC'n people, it's rude.

  3. Everybody wants a hit! I'm sure there's more weed to go around but be mindful and tame that internal smoking dragon of yours. I shouldn't have to tell you about the wet tip. (Ayo!)

  4. Line up all your connects. You need plan A, B, C to Z for just in case purposes.

With that being said, always have that lip balm and mints/gum on deck. Smoking gives you cotton mouth and sometimes water is just out of reach. Get the juicy lips illusion with some Carmex and a stick of peppermint Stride.


Water! Water! Water! Don't pass out and ruin everyone's fun because you forgot to quench ya thirst. Plastic bottle, canteen, tap or sparkle. Get it however you can because it WILL be a humid summer. No one signed up for the babysitting gig. Shit, I know I didn't!

We don't do baby powder and creams anymore! LIGHTLY apply some coconut oil to the skin or light-weight lotion and multiple swipes of that extra strength antiperspirant deodorant and you're good to go, homie!

Makeup Ladies! I understand y'all got bags that are not Gucci (like mines), maybe some unwanted blemishes or you're just down-right regular shmegular in the face, so you feel the need to do it up. Special occasions or guaranteed central AC locations are an exception.

Any other day, I'ma need you to take it from melting clown to youthful beauty queen. You are far more attractive without the pasty makeup and unmatching foundation tones. If all else fails, just wear a sundress and your face will be forgotten.

Plain & Simple - Timbs belong in storage.

Comfortability is in! You don't need to show up to every event in heels or in a pair of skintight straight-leg jeans. Keep all that fancy shit for an actual occasion. Bring out some fly chill gear.

Dad caps are winning this season! You MUST HAVE at least one. Especially if you’re a fellow festival-goer. It will save you squint time and lower your chances of becoming a wastemon. 

You're trying to link with the homies, you need directions, ya group chat got the plugs for the night, you gotta take down potential bae digits, the snap world has to see the flex, ya jawn wants to know if you coming through tn, etc. etc. You get the point --- your phone is VITAL! Make sure that thang is fully charged equipped with your charging case. If you're struggling like myself, just carry your charger around and attack any visible outlets.

BYOB is definitely self-explanatory but let me iron out the details for those who keep pulling the same swindle. BYOB means just that! Bring your own shit..I mean beer, bottles or booze. Do Not Expect For Your Homies To Have You! The more sauce, the more spaghetti to go around, feels me.

  1. I understand some of your poisons may be expensive, but refrain from anteing up with more than 5 people. I'm trying to save you from the one drink minimum disappointment.

  2. A personal is ideal - whether it's the bottle or a flask. You know your vibe. Get the sauce to match and you're on ya own wave. #unbothered


That's all that I have for y'all right now. I'm not here to preach sunscreen and look both ways before crossing the street. However, I will say don't drink and drive, text and drive...oh and snap and drive. We want make sure you show up to the next event, saucy and full of life.

Stay black and beautiful my friends. May all your pieces hit. May your summer be a pure lituation. May you forever be in your bag.

Oh, and remember Jesus died for your turnup, so make it worthwhile.

Just in case you need some fuel, BASK got the juice. BASK has planned a New York Only (NYO) tour!

The NYO tour is an exclusive summer series featuring trendy concept events. All events embrace the exhilarating summer energy in NY, and is a reminder to all New Yorkers that NYC is still the place to be in the summertime. Everyone is travelling for the summer, but if you're staying local  -- just know BASK has got you covered! Be on the lookout for upcoming events and tour date flyer. 

Stay Humble. Stay Woke. 


By now, you should be familiar with the infamous term “WOKE.”

It’s a trending hashtag on Twitter. And I’m sure you've seen it plastered all over a friend’s social media page in meme form or a current events article tagged #staywoke. 

According to Merriam-Webster, the literal definition is stated as, “the past tense verb for wake.” But because Urban Dictionary is much more familiar with Black vernacular (and let’s face it, they’re quite entertaining too), here’s one of our favorite translations:

"Getting woke is like being in the Matrix and taking the red pill. You get a sudden understanding of what's really going on and find out you were wrong about much of what you understood to be truth.” 

In 2008, Ms. Badu used it in her song “Master Teacher," but the term became a common word used in our everyday dialect when the Black Lives Matter movement surfaced after a series of unfortunate events: the death of Trayvon Martin in 2013, and many more killings of young, innocent black men by the hands of the law enforcement. 

Since its rise in popularity, the term is most often being used in many different contexts. What was once heavily used in the context of police brutality, systemic racism and mass incarceration, is now being associated with everything from 9/11 conspiracy theories to ways to beat the system.

The most notable trend is socially-conscious musicians like Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, J.Cole, Solange, Childish Gambino and along with others using the “woke” term as inspiration to write lyrics that promote social awareness. Music is a universal language. No matter the cultural or linguistic boundaries, music sheds a light on the human experience of a particular culture.

As the corruption in our government continues to become more transparent, there will be without a doubt an increase of socially-conscious music being released by some of our favorite mainstream artists. Hopefully, this will go through the ears and into the minds of people -- motivating all of us to stay informed, stay inquisitive and in the words of Childish Gambino, "Stay Woke!"

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Caption This: Scorpion

Caption This: Scorpion 

Check it, We figured another way to recognize the impact of a album/mixtape - or body of work in this day in age is to see how many captions you can get off.

We decided to help ya out by sharing with you the "quotable" lines from this project for ya'll to use for any caption/post depending on ya current state of emotions lol. 

Please feel free to use any of these for ya late night tweets, and greezy talk on Instagram captions. 

Note: left out March 14th, God's Plan, Upset, and Nice for What. 




“ My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions”
“ Free all of my niggahs that they caught with it, RIP to my niggahs they caught without it”
“Always got an ace up my sleeve for whatever was dealt”
“ I fell back a hundred times when I don't get the credit”
“ You niggas pop mollies, my Mali's pop niggas”
“ And I see in the dark, wasn't this cold at the start”
“ I ain't even have to cut the tie, it severed itself”
“ Niggas gamblin' with they life for some content”


“ Pinky ring, till I get a wedding ring”
“ I’m a wig splitter, I’m a tall figure, I’m a unforgiven, wild ass Dog Nigga”

“ Money for revenge, man, that’s hardly an expense”

“ I move through London with the Euro step”
“Somethin' wrong with 'em, got 'em all bitter”


Mob Ties

“ It’s too late for all that lovey-dovey shit ”
“ They want me gone, but don’t know why ”
“ Please Don’t let em fool ya, I don’t care how they look ”
“ Lead the league in scoring, but look at my assist ”
“ Heard you hit up so-and-so, that name don’t ring a bell ”
“ Heard all of the talkin’ now it’s quiet, now it’s shush ”
“ Hire some Help ”

Sandra’s Rose

“ Price tags on makin’ the world feel something ”
“ I can shoot, but i could never dribble ”
“ I wasn’t made for no casket or no prison cell”
“ Backstabbed so many times I started walkin’ backwards ”
“ I walk in godly form amongst the mortal men ”
“ I find it funny how i keep on talkin’ and commas increase”
“ Made a note of the mistakes we can’t afford again ”
“ I don’t know who’s protectin’ me but we hit it off ”

Is There More

“Only holdin up i do is my end of the bargain”
“Only lying I do is lyin out in the tropics”
“Only lackin’ I can do is my lack of responses”
“ Still I rise, maya Angelou vibes ”
“ I would rather lose my leg than lose their respect, but that’ll never happen the way I’m watchin my step ”
“ I  would rather have you remember me how we met ”
“ My Peers are a talented group ”
“ It’s too bad reality checks don’t cover the balances due ”


“ Quickly learned yourself through me ”
“ Did it over text, didn't call me Still got love for you, mami ”
“ You wanna hit me up when you make it You'll try and come back when you famous ”
“I wanna be around while you chasin'”
“ How you even managin' to keep straight faces In all the pictures that I seen lately ”
“ You had potential, I coulda shaped it ”
“ Always felt like stickin' 'round's the same as being stuck ”

Ratchet Happy Birthday

“ Haven’t been official in a long time”
“ Petty bullshit shouldn’t incite you ”
“ You talk so tough, I know you’re soft like buttercups ”

Blue Tint

“ I had her on ice, but then I watched the ice get thin ”
“ She being nice again ”
“ She had a attitude in the summer ”
“ Top of the charts, Back in they hearts ”
“ Did this shit once and I’d do it again”
“ What a time this is ”
“ Look who I’m fuckin’ Again ”
“ I told her I’d pray for the kid ”
“ Double my price again ”
“ I had her on ice, but then”

Don’t Matter To Me

“Doin it all just to feel things”
Trips to wherever feels right”
“ You know that’s not the way to get over me”
“ I can’t recover from our last conversation”
“You know I can't jeopardize both our reputations”
“Ayy, wild things you're doin' at night”
“That's not the way to get over me”



“You won’t love me until I’m gone and even then the thing that comes after is moving on”
“ Don’t Link Me”
“ Their actions out of character even when they rehearse”
“ I gotta bring my brothers or else i feel out of place”
“ Breakin’ speed records on roads that these niggahs paved”
“ All these followers, but who gon’ follow me to the end?”
“ You know a wiseman once said nothin’ at all”
“ Leavin’ me to ask, “is there anybody like me?”
“Good hearted people are takin’ it to extremes”
“ Don’t tell me how you knew it would be Like this all along ”

8 out of 10

“ I’ve never been the type to make amends ”
“ I gotta breathe real deep when I catch an attitude ”
“ Never a matter of could I or should I”
“ I can’t be around the niggahs you minglin’ with ”
“ I guess luck is on your side ”
“ It’s only good in my city because i said so ”


Can’t Take a Joke

“ I swear I get so passionate, ya’ll do not know the half of it”
“ You know when it comes to pride, I can’t put that shit aside”
“They be watchin’ what they say, especially when it’s to my face”
“ And They Can’t take a joke cause its not one”
“ I been kicked when i was down, non of that shit matters now ”
“ Everything will be okay, man, just stay up out my way ”

Talk Up

“ They cannot tell me relax ”
“ Can’t be ignoring the stats ”
“ My money is young, my problems are old ”
“ Streets is done ”
“ How could you not be a HOV fan? ”


“ Talk used to be cheap, nowadays it’s free ”
“People are only as tough as their phone allows them to be”
“What you thought of me?”
“I found my peace, I'm about to say my piece”

Summer Games

 “ I used to love a good surprise ”
“ Summer just started And we're already done ”
“I expected more from you honestly, Said you want a simple life and that's not me”
“ How can you be angry on a night in July ”
“ I kept it decent, even the secrets ”
“ You say I led you on, but you followed me”


“I’m going against my own advice”
“Can’t be in a room with you and stand on different sides”
“ You and your sister too hot to handle”
“ I wish you felt alright”
“ Fashion week is more your thing than mine ”

That’s How You Feel?

“Signin' me up to do your dirty work, Workin' to try to get you off my mind”
“Ride for your brother, You die for your mother”
“Told you I couldn't really draw the line”
“ Grind til you come up”
“But they don’t really miss ya”
“Mindin my business and you show up”
“Work all winter, shine all summer”

In My Feelings

“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?”
“The new me is really still the real me”
“You send it like you earned it”
“ I thought you were the one from the jump, that confirmed it”
“I buy you champagne but you love some Henny”
“ What’s your net-worth?”

After Dark

“ Late night like left eye, I’m creepin ”
“ Put your phone down, you're gonna need two hands ”
“ That narrative for me isn't changin' ”
“I wanna make you a priority”
" You said, Do anything, but just don't lie to me "
“ In a whip so low ”


Final Fantasy

“ I like best when you're fresh faced and no foundation ”
“ This that new you, this ain't high school ”
“Headscarf for after our relations”
“ No judgment is our arrangement ”
“ Willin' and ready for the takin '”
“ I always need a glass of wine by sundown ”
“ You got options, but I been chosen ”
“ Careful when we're mixin' potion ”
“ Deal with you the way you like ”