I Welcome You To The WHACK WORLD


If you’re not listening to WHACK WORLD, please tell me, what are you listening to?

Because if you claim to be musically inclined or have ‘the ear’ and you haven’t heard of Tierra Whack, then you clearly claiming to be something you’re not. You’re just listening to all the regular ish that the masses is feeding you. Yes, Kanye’s 7-song music projects are dope, Bey & Jay are killing it with Everything Is Love, and Drake, well, yeah, it’s cool.

But the Whack World album is something that is out of this world and makes you wonder what the F are some of our favorite artists doing if they AREN’T putting THIS much energy and creativity into a single project.


Aight so, the Whack World album is a 15-song album that lasts 15 minutes - each song lasts for one minute. For every one minute song, there’s a vibrant visual that completely embodies the lyrics and the song title. It’s absolutely, undeniably BRILLIANT. Personally, I think it’s the most original, underrated yet superlative musical project that I’ve heard in a while. I’m absolutely obsessed.

My favorite tracks are “Fruit Salad” and “Hookers,” but every song on the album is addicting. It’s all so cleverly strange yet beautiful. Each song has a mood, and each visual is jaw-droppingly entertaining. You’ll find your own favorites in there. The thing is they’re all soooo good, but they’re all one-minute songs, so you’re left unfulfilled. It’s actually an ingenious way to roll out the new artist. Tierra Whack gives you just enough to keep you wanting more.


The album is smooth. You don’t need to skip any song. The songs are all strategically placed to just roll right into one another. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this album on repeat in a single day. After the album, I went to her artist page and listened to everything else she’s ever put out. I can say that I’m super excited for the release of her next project, whenever that may be.

Tierra Whack main image.jpg

But here’s a brief little rundown of who Tierra Whack is (yes, that’s her real name).

  • Name: Tierra Whack

  • Age: 22

  • Hometown: Philadelphia

  • Her Muses:  Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, OutKast; all the icons.

When I listen to her, I get a mix of those all-time favorite artists. I mean look at her muses! And she embraces each one of them. She has all these different flavors with her flows and each one is hittin.

I just can’t emphasize enough how dope this album is. Words don’t do any justice, to be honest. Even some of her older joints are hittin like “Mumbo Jumbo” - it’s literally Tierra mumbling on a beat, and it’s still fire!

Kehlani said she was IT. Timbaland co-signs her music. Even Meek called her a Philly legend.


Everyone was counting on Drake to come through with the album of the year, but that ain’t it. Tierra’s WHACK WORLD is where it’s at. The album bangs for all of summer and for the rest of the year. And I will make sure that I see this woman perform live next time she’s in the city.

She has impeccable style, flawless bars, and she’s just refreshingly awkward in her ways. Tierra should be and will be at the top of your playlists on the first listen. Be prepared to be blown away. I swear on everything that you’re gonna listen and watch in complete awe and fascination because it’s just so got damn amazing. Ok, enough. Go plug in your headphones and enjoy. Take 15 minutes out of your life for this. It’ll be worth it, for sure.

Tierra’s WHACK WORLD album is available on iTunes and Spotify or you can just YouTube it. But it’s better to listen on iTunes since it effortlessly plays right through with the matching visuals.

Oh if you shoot her a DM on Instagram, she will write you back! Humble. @tierrawhack