Jaden Plays Batman, Once Again

New Video By Jaden Smith (@officialjaden)

There's not much to say about this. It just dropped today. I watched it. And I fuck with it.

People clowned him for wearing a white Batman suit for prom. Now he has a video out wearing the same thing. I see that as a dope marketing move. The song follows the trap type template of the repetitive hook chant that I guess never gets played out.  

Shady Comment: Travis Scott would of been a dope feature (lol!). It lowkey seems like this could just be his song. 

But the beat is beyond fire, and the visuals are playful. He gives us a run-through of day to day type shit only as expected from Jaden Smith. He 's proclaiming that he is the Black Bruce Wayne. I fucks with that because like who wouldn't wanna be? 

He comes from power and wealth. He doesn't save lives and shit, but I get the premise. I just wonder if Adam West passing away has anything to do with this late release.  RIP Batman