Jay Rock gives us His " Good Kid, Mad City"


By @doogiedoesit

Ite so boom, I know you not really supposed to give reviews so soon after music drops… But I’ma do it regardless.

This project from TDE’s Jay Rock slaps. I was already rocking with Jay’s singles “Win” & “The Bloodiest.” His singles are always well received I believe, but seldom do the projects hit with this same energy. But I think this is it.  

Random, but “For What it’s Worth” gives me Take Care vibes, maybe I’m wildin.

I think this project will cause niggahs to become a slave to the moment. Start tweeting “Jay Rock better than Kendrick” and wild shit like that. But by the time I got to the 5th track, I realized I played each song back at least twice - so I’m definitely retweeting the foolishness. It transitions very well, from song to song.

Jay Rock delivers a project that is fun, but also filled with content. He is a great mix of all his rapper label mates. There are songs that give me Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Kendrick. He doesn’t copy them, but he definitely displays he can bang with them in their pockets.

This album with 13 songs stands out from the current 7-song experimenting at good music.

I find 13 a comfortable number. While Ye trying to sell everyone on this 7-track layout, Jay Rock format hits with quality and longevity. I’m lowkey writing this shit as I’m listening to it and son “Tap Out” is fire. For some reason, I imagine this song easily being done by 112 and Loon on some Bad Boy shit. This lowkey could be a summer vibe. It has a lot of the makings of a very well put-together project. There is a song for every type of listener.

Would I be wild to say TDE is a better label than Good Music in regards to music, talent, and rollout? @ me if you want talk about it.

In all - I’m fucking with this project. I’m hoping we still get a Black Hippie Album, especially with the arrival of Jay Rock to the masses. We’ll See.


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