What's Migos Without Takeoff?


"Takeoff: The Beyonce of Migos"

Now everyone has been debating who is the best between between Offset & Quavo from Migos. For those who can even tell the difference (lmao!), I’m writing this straight out of frustration from the fact that everyone thinks Quavo is the gawd of the squad. Don’t get me wrong, he nice but don’t put Takeoff at the bottom of the list. I believe there are a lot of people that agree with me, but because that isn’t the popular opinion, we keep hush. Fuck dawt! 

My homies and I (S/O to Nigel, Phil, and the brodie Samedy) used to religiously listen to Migos in the crib, so I think my opinion is valid when speaking on Migos. Now I’ma show y’all through my skills of deciphering the hype and promoting anti-D riding that TakeOff is in fact the best member of Migos -- at least equal to Quavo. 

First off, their mainstream success came around 2013 from the YRN Mixtape, Versace etc. I’ma say that’s when they came on the scene. Keep it a buck, no one outside of ATL could tell the difference between the three members. I don’t even think, we knew homies’ names around the time they first came out. Majority of people didn’t even know who they were until Drake did the mix on the Versace joint. NFS, I’m not even saying he validated them. 

But the one thing that was obvious was that one of the three had a different tone, a different sound. I honestly thought it was only two dudes in the group. A little side note: Offset was out of town during that recording. That explains why I thought there were only two, but that brings me to my next point. Takeoff was actually holding it down with Quavo while Offset was OT.

The single cover for Migos' popular single, "Versace," featuring Drake. 

The single cover for Migos' popular single, "Versace," featuring Drake. 

Bringing to my next point -- he literally sounds different (lol!). If you ask me, Quavo and Offset sound very similar. It could be because they fuck with auto-tune, but I feel like one can cancel out the other. You really don’t NEED both though, feel me? Not saying Takeoff should takeoff (no pun intended), but he could definitely start a solo career if he wanted to simply because he has a different sound. Imagine a Migos with just Quavo & Offset -- That shit would be garbage! But we already know what a Migos group with just Quavo & Takeoff  would sound like because that’s how they were introduced. It’s how they were brought on.  Another side note: Offset was in jail majority of the time that they were blowing up in the industry.

Takeoff’s flow is unique and animated which is definitely more versatile. You may have not realized there is an evident change in sound, usually something more hyped. He doesn’t rely on auto-tune the way Quavo does. Lowkey, that shit is life support for Quavo (lmao!). Offset uses that shit too. He’s not low! He also switches up his flows, but so dramatically that it makes him forgettable. Like for real, did you know who he was before ‘Bad & Boujee’? Can y’all tell him apart on any other tracks? The only time you can tell is when they yell their names before their verses, which funny shit because they know niggahs can’t tell ‘em apart.

From left to right: Takeoff, Quavo & Offset 

From left to right: Takeoff, Quavo & Offset 

On the other hand, Takeoff naturally got a sound that works for him and like I mentioned before, he gets lead on hooks behind Quavo. Not to mention Takeoff kills a lot more on the hooks than Offset. Offset got ‘Bad & Boujee’ and that may be their biggest song for now, but that’s all he got. Takeoff hooked on ‘Fight Night,’‘T-Shirt,’‘Casting Call,’‘Look At Me Dab’ (I think). -- But ‘Fight Night’!!! Son ‘Fight Night’ was the college party theme. That shit is low-key a mandatory spin. 

Takeoff has been crucial to their longevity. He’s on all of the tracks besides Bad & Boujee, which is the only hit without him. In his place, they just got Lil Uzi Vert. Offset wasn’t on ‘Look At Me Dab’ or ‘Pipe it Up.’ We see Quavo doing his features without Migos and at a high rate. But are those songs really hitting like that? What song are we really bumping that got Quavo killing it on a track without Migos? I think he gets the most hype because he is the leader (I think, and this is my opinion). Quavo is diluting his equity by leaving what works. He is cashing in on him being hot too soon. Once that well dries up, are we really going to be looking for a Quavo solo project? 

To be honest the only artist I think he meshes with well outside of Migos is Travis Scott. And if you think about it, Quavo sounds a lot like Travis (but that’s another topic). But real shit, we love Quavo simply because we already have Quavos outchea, feel me? Any nigga who used auto-tune is Quavo. 

Offset did a feature, but it was with Cardi B…and I never heard it. Offset has a few other features I've peeped on Worldstar but I ain't watching them. You can say no one looking for Offset. Takeoff has been for the most part sticking to what works and clearly not in a rush to get into that solo shit. He could be milkin’ what he already has going for him and then break out, but who knows. Deeper toned artist have always been in demand (pause!). Also the homie Takeoff is only 22 I believe, so he got mad time to grow into his own. He’s already hitting and got a huge catalog… longer than Offset. 

Its whack that people assume he is the weakest of the three, but I see him as the most consistent. I’m not going to let y'all make Takeoff the “Michelle” of this group -- I’m not here for it! Put respect on his genius! Migos as a whole is a great group and has had one of the longest runs as a hip-hop trio that we've seen in recent years. This is not because they are on the coattails of the 'group's leader,' but because they unify, strategize and stick together --  a cohesive collective. No one is able to get in-between them, especially the media as you seen from last night's BET interview for Everyday Struggle. Each one is independent and responsible for holding down the squad. A lot of people forget what that looks like and rush to assume, label and downplay. 

If Takeoff is a real one for deflecting the BS, not letting the negative implode and mess up the group. Then Takeoff is a real one.