Doogz DAMN Opinion

Kendrick's Lamar's newest album is iiite. I'm a huge fan of story telling, LP journeys, preludes and interludes. Those are aspects I'm always looking for when feeling out a new project. The opening interlude BLOOD felt reminiscent of old Kung Fu movies which is what homie was possibly going for since he is running with the "Kung-Fu Kenny" alias. 

DNA was right out the gate aggressive as fuck -- "This that put the kids to bed" which is how I prefer rap albums to start. You gotta set a tone feel me? While the production on the track is what gets your initial intention, he touches on his past and/or childhood experiences that make up his complex nature: "Shit I been through probably offend you..." His past experience makes up his identity which is another interpretation of what DNA symbolizes is in this respect. Basically my interpretation is " You a bitch and I'm not and that just our biological make up."  The beat switches perfectly keeping the intensity and pace of the hype that was built from the beginning. 

Now what I don't fuck with is the immediate change of energy that brings you into YAH. It fucked me up honestly. I was already hyped chanting "I got royalty and shit in my DNA" then he hits me with the Erykah Badu mood. I like the song, just didn't like the placement. Don't front like ya not gonna skip over it every now and then. It's a good song, so don't come for me -- but damn I wasn't ready for it.  

So far, my personal favorite song is ELEMENT. From the iconic Kid Capri echo, I knew from the calm climb of this song that it was gonna be crazy. Intially, this song for some reason reminds me of that song Diddy slapped Drake over. But I have to say this shit is action packed as far as the rhymes, and I think Kendrick just delivered us a new batch of IG captions for summer of 2017: "Make it look Sexxxxy." Definitely using that and "Ain't nobody praying for me." 

I ain't going to break down every song FOH! -- just ones that stuck out to me. I liked PRIDE: For some reason I kept waiting for Frank Ocean to come into the mix, but that probably was too much to hope for. I feel PRIDE should of been next to YAH as I feel the same mellowness. But hey I'm not an artist, I'm just talking my shit. No need to speak on HUMBLE to much, but whoever is offended by the song needs to CALM DES FUCK DOWN. That song is Kendrick's "Tough Love" if anything. 

LUST almost got me in trouble! I was playing this shit around family. Shit starts with "Let me put the head in" It definitely made for a quick awkward moment. This song is fasho going on my special "Doogie Gon Do It Right" playlist lol. LOVE may dead be on that same playlist. I thought it be cooler to have The Dream on it. 

Now I don't know if this is his best work or not, but what I can say is that this muthafucker is consistent. He has not let up nor tried to recreate his sound for the times. To me, this makes his music timeless and not confined like most "wack artists" creating longevity. He has the best balance of conscious self reflections and entertainment. Shit, while listening to DAMN, this makes me realize how much I don't fuck with J. Cole anymore and how self absorbed Drake really is.


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