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John Gatta via

John Gatta via

Staten Island is Home to some of the most lyrical rappers of all time. Method Man, RZA, Raekwon The Chef and countless others have been holding the Island down for some time now, but John Gatta is here to bring a new sound and energy to New York’s rap scene.

Gatta describes his sound as “trap”, but he doesn’t make that traditional trap music we’ve grown to enjoy over the past few years. He makes what he calls, luxury rap, and gutta trap. You can see examples of this in his two new records “Deserve It”, and “For Real”.

“For Real” is a record off his EP Blood Ties. It’s about keeping it 100, and doing what he has to do for his brothers and his family. Gatta wrote this record in 15 minutes, but I wasn’t surprised seeing as how his topic matter is so serious to him. Some of his biggest influences to him are Lil Wayne, and Tupac, and with songs like these you can definitely hear that. Gatta explains that he got his confidence and ability to be vocal from Pac, and he got his work ethic and his grind from Wayne. He’s recorded over 200 songs, and he’s gearing up to drop some heat in the coming weeks.

The project Hyenas is set to drop December 28th, and he treated it almost like his diary. Hyenas is real Gutta, Gritty, and aggressive. The project has been done for a year, but he waited for the right time to give this one to the streets.

John Gatta is anticipating a big 2018. Hyenas is only a teaser. He’s dropping a bigger project early next year called Never Go Against The Family that he’s anticipates will hit the streets hard. Gatta is dedicated to his music, and working with other Staten Island artists. He’s looking for New York artists to come together so we can be on top of the rap game once again. Keep your eyes open for John Gatta. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @jeanxli, and go listen to Hyenas, or December 28th.

-Darrel Kidd @theundere5timated / @fleetographer on IG

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