Top Black/Black Ally Owned Brands from 90s/00s That Should Make a Comeback!

With the climate the way it is culturally, brands we have regarded in high favor have dissed us in return and taken the black dollar for granted. News of brands like FUBU and Baby Phat relaunching could possibly be what sparks the second coming of a renaissance period when black brands reigned OVER supreme.

Here are a list of a few you should reacquaint yourself with as they could also be coming back.

Let us know of some we might have missed. ( click and hover on picture to get info about brand)

We hope to see you at our next party rocking some of these brands below April 12th - Throw it Back 3

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Lot29

  2. ECKO unltd.

  3. Ed Hardy

  4. LRG

  5. Nautica

James McDonaldComment