Black Dollar = Black Power


Why The Black Dollar Will Get us more than Protest will.

by @Doogiedoesit

As everyone raves about Nike signing Colin Kaepernick — I mean finally kneeling with and utilizing Kaepernick — I see a bigger, more important lesson, a more important victory. The black dollar is becoming more relevant and is being acknowledged more than ever before.  

I do not want to undermine the hard work and sacrifice that led up to him receiving this huge deal, but it’s important to notice. Similar to politicians, there is money to be made and lost in weaponing/ glorifying social consciousness, specifically in regards to the black population of America.

For a few decades, we have acknowledged and praised ourselves as the muthafucking trendsetters and overall leaders of pop culture from food, music, fashion, dance and more. It may be bold to say, but there is not one group of people more under-appreciated yet mimicked than us. Our style is influenced, repackaged and sold back to us. Shit is crazy!!

I say all of this to urge y’all to spend ya money wisely. FACTS. Simply because that shit, unfortunately, is the only thing that touches the soul of this country along with the people that run it. Walking around protesting doesn’t do much, but get a little media coverage and clog traffic, that shit has its limitations. Spending ya money on black-owned only or cancelling brands that do not align with our best interests is indeed a form of peaceful protesting as well. 

We need to draw the line. They can either get like NIKE or get that H&M treatment.

Notice even the infamous NFL has been hugely effected with lost of viewership & sponsorship dollars, in large part to the fact that, we are not with the shits anymore. NFL about to stand for Not Fucking Lit. 

Snapchat is barely holding on after Rihanna offed them. Uber had to lower their prices again, and we event got American Airlines out of here!  There are plenty more examples of companies losing the black dollar. Protests are cool, but why not starve them? Companies only see green, and the strongest green is that paired with black.

Reward the brands that do right by us and are for us. Go cop them NIKE shocks no one wants, fuck it, they with us. Just do it. I’m about to get me NIKE socks.

Now, you don’t need to be Kaepernick or LeBron James to have sway with your black dollars. If you got a voice, you can affect shit. Think of all the energy we use on Twitter to cancel companies. Now think about what would happen if we replace them to support and promote black-owned or socially conscious companies. We have the power. Our money matters just as much as we do. 

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