Proper Introduction


Proper Edakit is one of the DJs to check for a big year for 2019. Steadily featuring on more and more of your favorite parties, killing his sets and keeping it going. You’d be hard-press to find a single person from NY who hasn’t enjoyed his DJ sets. You may be familiar with Proper who has a new event series called Hold My Brunch, which has been providing the best combination of eats and sounds that will challenge your feeling about Sundays.

How did you decide to become a DJ?


I've always been interested in music and how people create it. Coming from a Brazilian household, i was exposed to a lot of live instruments the bands used to play. After coordinating a bunch of events and being in direct contact with DJs and their Audio equipment, it didn't seem simple, but it did seem like something i could handle. I took a intro to DJing class at Dub-spot and it was there that i became obsessed.

When you’re not DJ’ing what interests you outside of Music?

I grew playing basketball and i still play once in a while, but i found a serious passion in coaching. I currently coach at the South Brooklyn Basketball Academy AAU program.

What do you think makes a good DJ? Do think that standard has changed over the past decade?

I feel like my knowledge of several backgrounds and genres of music and my ability to read a crowd. DJ has changed so much because of technology. I believe is for the better and look forward to what it will look like in the next 10 years

What genre of music do you think you are untouchable with?

Theres alot of knowledge up in the chamber so I’m pretty confident in alot of genres of music .... BUT, i gotta say you’ll see me at my best when im laying down some DANCEHALL! Whether im running thru the classics or im introducing the new wave of chunes, when i get into that crate, yall are in for some shit.. 

What do you think was the most slept on record of 2018?

Most Slept-On Track of 2018: Bedtime Stories - Rae Sremmurd (Feat. The Weeknd) 

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