The Internet is Ruined


Is The Internet Ruined ?


I can remember a time when it was a ritual within itself to access the internet. When dial up connection was the key to freedom and you knew the sound of freedom as it screeched along through the process, the internet was still very fresh in the minds of many. We went from seeing the basic purposes and limitations of the internet to this omnipresent entity so powerful nations can fall by night for what lies deep in the crevices of the all knowing internet. We have seen countless leaks of information and misuse of the edges it reaches, in regards to privacy and the consumer. You can learn who someone is, will be, and once was with the right amount of redirection and clicking of sites. What started as a means of connection and accessibility to information, people, and overall resources, has evolved into a social deity, on top of an enabler for the vices and virtues of the masses.


Growing up in the 90’s, while still being a toddler, the fears of internet dominance and getting lost in the electric sauce were major concerns. These concerns still managed to echo into modern day still raise questions in my mind of how far off from this we are. I wonder if we have fallen to all the fears but in different capacities. I can’t avoid the Internet. I too rely on some of the convenience it offers, but that doesn’t mean I ignore the annoyance it creates. From a Twitter fueled president trying to be cool to the excessive self helping meme guides, the internet has become a circus. More than keeping up to date on what is popular and ever-changing in this world, there is a sense of social unconsciousness brewing. The endless advertisements and suggestions, like TV commercials off the home shopping network, try to sell me something related to a google search from less than 20 mins ago make me wonder if I’m the only one noticing these changes. Being the Sun and the shadow it casts is the current role the internet has taken on in its growth, because of its omnipresence.



Speaking of shadows, do people still acknowledge the “Dark Web”? A place that people go to for everything illegal while still doing the daily routine of surfing the web, I can learn to bake cookies and order knock off Goyard bags from the same source. Like a subpar Spider-Man that can’t make it outside (too soon?), I learned of the internet’s multiple heroes as hackers and vigilantes exposed atrocities. There are many instances of the internet used as a platform for directing focus into and highlighting the intimate details of someone’s life, social issues and just raising good questions. Ever wonder the number of your favorite celebrity, The process of leaking information no one outside of the individual in question should have access to should raise questions.


The internet sounds pretty raw, at this point. I could’ve easily mentioned the virtues of building families, businesses and opportunities for those that may not have the accessibility, but that’s the easy praise for an entity that is responsible for running 90% of the processes our parents would do for themselves (including dating). I see career advice, love advice, and financial security quotes all over. It isn’t hard to say the internet has been tainted as day in day out, there are more of us added to its endless banks of information. I don’t feel entitled or privileged to know how to use the internet, because I can’t seem to understand how we let MySpace die (and that was rooting in coding).

We went from building sites to struggling with the newest algorithms of Instagram, and don’t get me started on these shop at every second features. I feel a sigh of relief being let out each day a pop-up is blocked. I feel like we are slowly being pulled into an involuntary codependence that we will not benefit from. I don’t have to go outside, so long as I have internet connection, I can love my bed and my momma, (and anything else the internet is aware of) while having everything else delivered. If only we took more time to discuss the internet instead of using it, we would know how to handle it. The problem is the internet made it acceptable to avoid each other hiding behind facades and opinions. We saved the internet with waves of innovative ideas throwing ourselves years into the future, but we let the internet ruin us because it grew from a secondary resource to what seems like the only source. I’d never believe in such a short time, the internet could go from savior to electronic satan selling a prominent future we all will get swept up in.

Vinston N. Jean-Simon