Litty Kitty's Guide To A Summer Lituation

Issa vibe all summer, but I want to make sure y'all are fully prepared for the planned and unplanned summer flexes. Here are a few must-haves, dos & don'ts, and everything else in between.

Attention all smokers! Make sure you have your ready to roll anytime anywhere smoker's kit.

  1. Pack light, so leave that bulky ass grinder on your dresser and cop you something portable.

  2. Don't assume anyone has roll-up or a lighter, just bring your own. And avoid BIC'n people, it's rude.

  3. Everybody wants a hit! I'm sure there's more weed to go around but be mindful and tame that internal smoking dragon of yours. I shouldn't have to tell you about the wet tip. (Ayo!)

  4. Line up all your connects. You need plan A, B, C to Z for just in case purposes.

With that being said, always have that lip balm and mints/gum on deck. Smoking gives you cotton mouth and sometimes water is just out of reach. Get the juicy lips illusion with some Carmex and a stick of peppermint Stride.


Water! Water! Water! Don't pass out and ruin everyone's fun because you forgot to quench ya thirst. Plastic bottle, canteen, tap or sparkle. Get it however you can because it WILL be a humid summer. No one signed up for the babysitting gig. Shit, I know I didn't!

We don't do baby powder and creams anymore! LIGHTLY apply some coconut oil to the skin or light-weight lotion and multiple swipes of that extra strength antiperspirant deodorant and you're good to go, homie!

Makeup Ladies! I understand y'all got bags that are not Gucci (like mines), maybe some unwanted blemishes or you're just down-right regular shmegular in the face, so you feel the need to do it up. Special occasions or guaranteed central AC locations are an exception.

Any other day, I'ma need you to take it from melting clown to youthful beauty queen. You are far more attractive without the pasty makeup and unmatching foundation tones. If all else fails, just wear a sundress and your face will be forgotten.

Plain & Simple - Timbs belong in storage.

Comfortability is in! You don't need to show up to every event in heels or in a pair of skintight straight-leg jeans. Keep all that fancy shit for an actual occasion. Bring out some fly chill gear.

Dad caps are winning this season! You MUST HAVE at least one. Especially if you’re a fellow festival-goer. It will save you squint time and lower your chances of becoming a wastemon. 

You're trying to link with the homies, you need directions, ya group chat got the plugs for the night, you gotta take down potential bae digits, the snap world has to see the flex, ya jawn wants to know if you coming through tn, etc. etc. You get the point --- your phone is VITAL! Make sure that thang is fully charged equipped with your charging case. If you're struggling like myself, just carry your charger around and attack any visible outlets.

BYOB is definitely self-explanatory but let me iron out the details for those who keep pulling the same swindle. BYOB means just that! Bring your own shit..I mean beer, bottles or booze. Do Not Expect For Your Homies To Have You! The more sauce, the more spaghetti to go around, feels me.

  1. I understand some of your poisons may be expensive, but refrain from anteing up with more than 5 people. I'm trying to save you from the one drink minimum disappointment.

  2. A personal is ideal - whether it's the bottle or a flask. You know your vibe. Get the sauce to match and you're on ya own wave. #unbothered


That's all that I have for y'all right now. I'm not here to preach sunscreen and look both ways before crossing the street. However, I will say don't drink and drive, text and drive...oh and snap and drive. We want make sure you show up to the next event, saucy and full of life.

Stay black and beautiful my friends. May all your pieces hit. May your summer be a pure lituation. May you forever be in your bag.

Oh, and remember Jesus died for your turnup, so make it worthwhile.

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