Down & Clout


What is Clout?

Everyone who is everyone or at least trying to be someone uses the term – Clout. It has become the official replacement of ‘swag.’ As lame as that actually sounds, it’s true. For the literal folks, I’ve provided a few definitions starting from Merriam-Webster and ending with Urban Dictionary.


\ ˈklau̇t \





1.       A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object:

When she didn’t return with his money, she would get a ruthless clout across her face from her pimp, Jerome. (Did I go too far? haha)

2.       Baseball. A long hit, especially an extra-base hit:

A hard clout to deep center field drove in the winning run for the Yankees.

3.       Archery. A shot that hits the mark, especially in long-distance shooting.

4.       Any worthless pieces of cloth; rag

5.       Informal. Pull; strong influence; muscle, especially political power:

A talented rapper with clout at Def Jam Records attended the sold out Brooklyn fundraiser.

6.       Someone with swag, dope as hell; being famous, mainly having influence; have power, fame, money, influence, style, respect, followers:

I’m going to link up with Max on Saturday because he has hella clout at this industry party.

Since we’re all on the same page, let me share 5 ways to obtain this so-called clout that everyone desperately wants.




1.   Be Yourself, Playa!

Luckily, we live in a generation where everyone is accepted – even if you’re Black, emo, and currently living in Wisconsin. There is a fan club for everyone! So no need to mold yourself to fit a persona you could never really live up to. Plus it feels amazing to know that you are liked by others for genuinely being YOU. Don’t go out of your way to impress people with shit you’d never do/wear/represent. Choose your online content wisely. You want to post things that are you while making sure it represents the BEST you.

2. Throw on a Smile and Be Friendly :)

Alot of people skip this step - so small yet so important. Be nice to the people who support, admire, love and inspire you. That means answer your damn DMs, respond to comments, show love at the parties, exchange info., and get connected. It’s so simple yet exhausting! I know there are days when you just want to throw yourself in the trash, but showing face at someone’s event, attending a networking event or even just meeting up with new people for a little while can drastically increase your clout. You never know who’s watching you.


3. The Focus: Find Your Niche

What do your interests lie? What compilations of things make-up your character? And do these things/people reflect my personality? These are things you need to be asking yourself before you post on social media, interact with certain crowds and/or take on gigs. Everything you do, post and sign up for is a reflection of who you are. Why do you think these dog, baby and barbie Instagram accounts have flourished and the people behind them are banking. It’s consistency people! It’s the key! Sell a piece of your soul and stick to it!

4. Be Apart Of The Conversation

This should be the easy as you all seem to have opinions. If you woke up that morning and the same news is flooding your timeline and texts, that means it’s important. What better way to get views and reach new people than to share your opinion on trending topics. I would warn you and say stay away from politics unless it’s FUCK TRUMP, but it’s all you! Just be sure to be ON POINT with the memes. Be apart of the internet’s fuckery.

5. Interact

Find out who’s who in your community, reach out and start talking. Just because you don’t have clout doesn’t mean you can’t make friends with the people who have it. Take and post pictures with them, attend events with them, meet their clouty friends -- just refrain from getting all starry-eyed. If you manage to leave a good impression, you’ll be in the IN CROWD sooner than expected.


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