Open Positions

Bask with us

We are currently looking to expand our Team.

BASK is looking for individuals who wants to be apart of our creative agency and can become immediate contributors. 

We prefer to work with individual who are dedicated and pride themselves on work ethic, but also have character and personality.

Have to be comfortable in social settings and also have a clear understanding of Bask and what we are working toward to create.

Account Management

  • Vent and research possible clients within entertainment industry including independent brands and talents.

  • Manage the event cycle for clients, from ideation to execution and recap to ensure goals are met.

  • Develop relationships with brands and artists for possible collaborations + more.

  • Attend events on behalf of bask to network with execs to gain opportunities to produce events.

  • Knowledge in creative planning and events.

  • Knowledge in pop culture and popular brands

  • Great communication skills as well as organization skills needed.

Content Creator

  • Curate and lead with producing content on our website, tailor our brand messaging to reflect our values and goals via social media.

  • Ability to produce content that connects to our core audience. Provide information that applies to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

  • Assist in management and development of social media pages.

  • Develop visual content including shorts, stills, and animations.

  • Provide essential feedback and contribute to client focused projects in addition to in-house developments

  • Must have experience in curation content and the ability to stay organized and goal driven.

  • Create publishing schedules

  • Photography skills preferred

Creative Planning

  • Contribute to the ideation and execution of events and marketing campaigns.

  • Research and plan detailed plans and proposals on how to create draw and build on experience.

  • Study and understand the course of In-House events, ( what’s next, building on the production, establishing the marketing)

  • Pitch ideas via bi weekly brainstorms with team on event development, and assist with client development of events and execution.

  • Creating full out creative strategy and marketing campaigns for merch, events, and content.

  • Good at story telling and conveying messages to audiences using easily consumable methods

  • Have an understanding of the party climate in NYC and neighboring states.

  • Able to maintain relationships with hired talent and venues and creating uniqueness to active them.