Term: December 2017 - February 2018

Term: December 2017 - February 2018

There can only be one... Bask Intern! 

Bask is currently looking for a dedicated and work-driven canidate looking to make a splash within the Event Planning world of Bask. 

We are looking for someone who is attentive & a creative thinker that can accomplish tasks and make an immediate contribution to the brand. 

Are you Eligible? 

10 Bask Commendments

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  1. Increase social media following, interact with audience, post relatable and audience appropriate content on behalf of Bask.
  2. Must have experience with Twitter & Instagram. Frequent user and knowledgeable with platform culture
  3. Website Design & Content Management - Organization skills and writing skills.
  4. Availability is key, Able to attend events, parties, + must have access to Computer.
  5. iPhone users are preferred. 
  6. Familiar with Bask brand and Event Planning. 
  7. PR skills ( press releases, EPK, Media Kits, Marketing Decks) are a huge +. 
  8. College student or Recent Graduate. 
  9. Follow BASK on Instagram & Twitter.  
  10. Efficient with photoshop & illustrator 

Please send in your Resume a long with any supportive works to Contact@BaskNewYork.com. 


Food + Travel covered for events & meetings

College Credits.

Networking Opportunities + Performance-driven compensation. ( based on candidate).