Bask New York x Art Start

Model in BaskxQueens shirt

Model in BaskxQueens shirt

As part of Bask New York’s #BaskInEveryBorough initiative, we’ve partnered with an NYC org that has been in every borough for over 25 years. Art Start was created by artists to give an outlet, nurture, and guidance to homeless children in the city. Now, the organization has transformed into “a student-centered approach to arts education” for homeless and justice-involved youth throughout the boroughs.

As society advances, it’s important to change the methods of interaction and development within our communities—especially if these communities have been systematically pushed into less fortunate circumstances. By teaming up with Art Start, Bask’s objective is to build engagement and awareness with both their mission and our communities.

But we’ll be doing a bit more than just promoting awareness. Bask will be financially engaging with Art Start. One method will be through ticket sales. A portion of tickets sales will go to Art Start. Another way we’ll be contributing is through t-shirt sales. We will be selling BaskxQueens tees online at the venue for $25. 20% of those proceeds from each shirt will be donated to Art Start as well.

So join us and party with a cause. Be “Oochie Wallie” and “One Mic.” Bask.


Donna GibsonComment