Spotlight: Nuri Hazzard Channels the Funk with New Single; "Wylin"

Brooklyn based creator of sounds, Nuri Hazard, clocks in with his latest single “Wylin.”

"Wyling” is a beautiful duality between uplifting, even calming funky vibes contrasted against the intense realities of life.

Sonically, this joint uses a steadily increasing crescendo of intensity. The track functions as a delightfully unconventional pairing between Hip-Hop, Funk, and more tradition rock tropes. This huge diversity of sonic influences lends a groundbreaking aire to the production of the entire piece.

As an artist, Nuri demonstrates an incredible level of versatility, as well as the ability as an emcee and artist to thoughtfully weave subtle themes in both his rhymes as well as the overall layout of “Wylin” itself. Nuri demonstrates this propensity for creative organization. He is able to strike the difficult balance between providing a track that is both incredibly avant-garde and sonically experimental, without sacrificing any of the listen-ability or disturbing the direction of the track.

Nuri’s has a striking ability to calmly navigate experimental tropes, crossing genre lines, while still portraying subtle and thoughtful emotional themes. Not to mention a clear rhyming finesse making “Wylin” a MUST LISTEN track. Nuri Hazard is an emcee we strongly believe you should keep a close eye on in the future.