Murses in Hip-Hop & Fashion

Since the late '90s and early '00s, I have seen fashion come a long way, from over-sized NBA jerseys and baggy jean shorts to skinny jeans and crop tops.

Growing up in Harlem, there was a unique dress code that everyone seemed to follow, ranging from the trendy school kids to the guys standing in front of the corner store. Since the early 2000s, the society and its trends have changed -- some would say for the better, others would say for worst.

In 2017, fashion is simply ground-breaking because there aren't any restraints on what someone can and cannot wear. Over time, society has become more accepting to people breaking gender norms. For instance, men sporting tote bags has become one recent fashion trend that broke traditional gender norms.

In the fashion world, it is known that accessories are vital to completing outfits, and tote bags have become that popular accessory to rock across all genders. One of the first male celebrities to sport the tote bag a couple years back  was A$AP Rocky. Since then, the trend has become a fashion necessity.

Even within our hip-hop culture, the accessory can be seen worn on today's biggest artists. The trend has been followed by some celebrities who embrace the "thug" and "trap" persona.

The Migos crew known for embodying the “trap” persona. Migos is not afraid to stray away from the foundation they built and have been spotted sporting the trend on different occasions.

But out of all the celebrities who have rocked the hot accessory such as Ian Connor, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti and many more, A$AP Rocky has rocked the accessory most appropriately.

Despite who rocked the accessory first or wore it best, this is a major milestone for the culture as well as society because it shows we are making progress in regards to how we view things - our perspective is shifting. As time goes on, society is becoming less gender bias and open-minded to fashion fluidity which is allowing more people to feel comfortable and confident in being creatively unique. Think back to as early as 2007 -- This trend wouldn't have been as favorable to the masses like how it is now because society is making conscious efforts to accept everyone for who they want to be.

This particular trend is so evolutionary because a environment that allows people to be free and happy is a society that is bound to flourish. A utopia is possible just depends on the mind’s of the people living in it.

As fashion constantly evolves in today's society, more scenarios like this are bound to occur. Our job is to not judge and let people be free.

James McDonaldComment