Out Of The Frying Pan Into 2017


2016 was one of the most repulsive shitstorms to ever encapsulate a 365 Day span. Today, we will perform an autopsy of 2016 discussing the blatant weakness of our most recent trip around the sun, definitively deciding whether or not 2016 really was as stand alone awful as it was cracked up to be.

To put it simply, 2016 has really been a dub In nearly every sense imaginable.

Musically, 2016 has brought with it a major sea change in the direction of hip hop as a genre fueled by the rise of mumble rap coupled with the philosophical movement away from complex lyricism in favor of simplistic turn up anthems. This in turn has resulted in a growing disconnect between a new generation of artists and the old guard of hip hop innovators, best exemplified by Lil Yachty’s recent feud with hip hop titan Pete Rock. This unhealthy beefing between hip hops past and present voices has served only to hold the entire genre back as a whole, with the prospect of overnight stardom resulting in hordes of cookie cutter rap actors desperately trying to hop on the latest wave.

Outside of hip hop, 2016 has taken a brutal tax on the judicial talent of planet earth, claiming musical titans like Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, George Michael and many more. With iconic Artists sportsman and musicians dropping like flies, each deaths serves as a crippling blow to each respected musical genre.

Culturally, 2016 only further highlighted  the bipolar cultural differences, compounded by racial and economic inequalities, as well as blatant and institutionalized racism that seems to define almost all aspects of American Society. The so called progressive  “age of racelessness” was proven once again to be an idealistic sham, with rampant police brutality, a massive economic divide between rich and poor, and the subsequent election of Donald Trump illustrating that racism is alive and thriving within the US. Despite all the controversy and tension throughout past years and especially 2016, little to nothing has changed.

Despite the many ramifications of domestic inequality, the seemingly staggering celebrity death toll, a Donald Trump presidency, and a plethora of home grown problems, 2016  has perhaps been the worst as well for events and circumstances outside the borders of the United States. The continuation of the DEA’s misguided war on drugs has only fueled the blood soaked dealings of Cartels, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths in both hemispheres of the Americas, and has fueled the cycle of mass incarceration, with the US sending more of their citizens to prison than any other nation in the world.

The people of Syria are living through what will be looked back upon as the worst genocide of the 21st century, relations with countries like Russia and China are at lower points than they have ever been fueling a pervading feeling that a major shitstorm is brewing as well as concerns about America’s decline both globally and domestically.

Police Shootings, blatant racial disparities enforced by Law enforcement, coupled with a sinister system of institutionalized racism designed to maintain the status quo caste system without directly being racist, has resulted in the reopening of some of the oldest wounds plaguing American society. The Election of Donald Trump, and the legitimization of his hateful, racist, and bigoted policies has illustrated the woeful state of domestic, cultural, and foreign affairs entering 2017.

Despite seeming like the worse year ever 2016 was no better or worse than any other year, it was just more widely reported on. 2016 was undoubtedly a terrible year for pop culture, and socioeconomic tension both at home and abroad, but it is important to remember that the political corruption and moral bankruptcy of modern American society is what made 2016 so shitty in the first placed

The perfect storm of deep seeded racism, domestic inequality, the horrible effects of neo-colonial wars, invasions, and internal turmoil abroad, leads one to believe that perhaps 2016 is not to blame but we are, the world is; we must not fix the blame for the prevalence of the world's problems on an arbitrary year, but instead work to fix the problems themselves.

The rich in 2016 were as wealthy, privileged, and racist as ever, and the poor of 2016 are just as disadvantaged and subjected in the same century old, corrupt Neo-colonial systems, in place long before 2016.  So in conclusion we must view 2016 not as simply a shitty anomaly, but instead an alarming reminder of the urgent need for change, reform, and positive, honest action.

Lungs Out.

James McDonaldComment