Bask or Else

Bask or Else

Bask is entering into 2019 with a new theme… Strive for success and creative expression as if life depends on it.

We took a few models to the heart of the LES in Jacob Riis Projects to shoot in the infamous Amphitheater.


For me, this location symbolizes the first raw from of entertainment, creativity, and community. Whether it was for a step show, to spit a rhyme, or even a flea market. People from all over would perform and share their creativity in the center of the hood. - Doogz

This T-Shirt represents the attitude and tone of the agency, we want everyone to Bask . We are not going to define the “ Or Else” part. “Or Else” is worse than failing. It’s an nonexistent option. If we are not Basking, then we are not living.

That is what we want to inspire within our circle of clients, supporter, and partners. That we must all strive for success as if it is crucial for survival. As an agency & brand we want to deliver that idea of “Basking” to everyone

Pre-Order Available Until October 21st!